HTC Bliss To Be Called “Rhyme”; Launching September 20?

• 15/09/2011


Rumors about this new handset from HTC called the Bliss have been doing the rounds for ages now. The last thing we heard about this on the internet was about the possibility of this being released on September 20, this very year. Adding to the rumors is the latest one that has just come in from folks over at HTCInside.

These guys seem to have gotten access to what looks like official press shots of the phone that HTC was supposed to show us all on the possible September 20 launch.

Now for the surprise. What you have been calling the HTC “Bliss” thus far, is likely to be officially named the HTC Rhyme. We are not sure what prompted HTC for the name change though. The phone will run HTC’s revamped SENSE UI which has reached version 3.5 of its life. Underneath that UI you will see the device strutting its Android 2.3.4 abilities. The only other technical detail we know about this one is the fact that it has a 3.7 inch display.

Another interesting thing to note, especially for the ones choosy about the color of their phones is that these leaked pictures show the phone in a color that was initially unheard of. But then these press shots seems to be from the one intended at the Asian markets where it is expected to go on sale before it reached the US shores. The phone is expected to be available in four color options from what we have seen so far.

There is no word on the pricing on this one. That said, we only have a week left for HTC to officially tell us all juicy bits about this interesting handset.


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