HTC being sued for trademark infringement by ChaCha

• 27/02/2011

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The HTC ChaCha was one of the rumored ‘Facebook phones’ we got to finally see released at MWC 2011. Before AT&T can get their hands on it however, HTC may need to ‘Lawyer up’ as they are being sued by the company by the name of ChaCha for…guess…using the name ChaCha as branding on the Facebook phone smartphone.

ChaCha Inc. trademarked their name back in 2007, where the company specializes in text and voice internet searches. So, having a smartphone designed with Facebook use branded ChaCha, would easily make people believe that ChaCha Inc. was somehow affiliated with HTC and this device..if we had ever heard of ChaCha to begin with. Now we have, and so has HTC unfortunately for them.

ChaCha is asking for money damages in the suit and a permanent removal of teh HTC ChaCha branding from the device.

[Via – Engadget]
[Source – Justia]

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