HTC 7inch Android tablet may still be here in March

• 09/02/2011


Everybody and their dog is putting out a Tablet this year it seems. Some are awesome, some are garbage, and some haven’t been announced yet. Like the HTC tablet we’ve been hearing about for the past 2 months, we still haven’t gotten an official statement from HTC on when or if they are launching a tablet. We imagine that they’ll want to get into this market before Motorola and LG eat it up with their Android 3.0 tablets already launching, but we fear that HTC is behind the ball here, so they’ll put out a Gingerbread Tablet to get buy, then upgrade it to Honeycomb soon after.

A Chinese language site called Economic Daily is reporting that HTC will have 2 tablets on the market in 2011, and a 7 inch version should be one of them to start shipping end of Q1 2011. We’ll just have to wait and see here, but it would seem if it’s shipping end of March, then the MWC show would be the right place to announce it next week.

[Source – Engadget]

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