Honeycomb’s Sync Music features made to work on smartphones

• 08/03/2011


Android 3.0 Honeycomb comes with a few features that don’t work anywhere else except on Android tablets…or at least that’s the way it comes stock right now. Unless you’re a developer, or code monkey, you usually have to wait for these features to get released or unlocked for you through some updates. XDA member WhiteWidows has found a way to do it on a smartphone and documented the task.

First, he got himself a nice fresh copy of the Honeycomb SDK, then took the Music app part, hacked it up, installed it on his rooted smartphone, and found the ‘Sync Music’ option within his sync accounts settings area. He turned it on, left it overnight, then came back in the morning to find that his music had actually sync’d somewhere into Google’s cloud services, where he was still able to play the music he had sync’d. Very cool.

Head on over to the XDA Source link below to find out more.

[Via – mobilecrunch]
[Source – XDA-Developers]

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