Handsets using Bada, Symbian and MeeGo could soon be getting Android Apps says OpenMobile

• 27/09/2011



Handsets that are using Symbian, Bada and MeeGo OS could soon be able to access the entire range of Android apps that are available in the Android Marketplace according to a report from OpenMobile.

OEMs will soon be able to run Android apps on mobile handsets running Mobile Windows, MeeGoo, Symbian or Bada using its Application Compatibility Layer software claims OpenMobile.

The software that OpenMobile is claiming to have available now will allow all of these platforms to use 100 percent of Android apps without developers having to do a single thing and this could be a huge selling point for any non-android based smartphones.

A report recently released by Engadget advised that by making use of certain aspects of Google’s software the need for changes to be made to apps by their developers was completely unnecessary.

Whilst this will be a great opportunity for OEMs looking to improve the popularity of less popular smartphone platforms most people that already have a handset running these platforms may have to wait a while before they are able to reap the benefits that new handset owners will get.


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