Group Video chat coming for Android and iOS devices together with Fring

• 06/04/2011


There’s always been one feature or another that manufacturers, carriers and software vendors keep within their camp to bait you into buying their device over the next guys. One of which is video chat. Sprint had Qik for the Evo, iPhone has Facetime, and now, there’s Fring.

Fring is testing the waters of allowing users on Android and iOS devices currently, to video chat with each other, regardless of what device they have (needs a front facing camera) and what carrier they’re on. Really, what should it matter since all parties data usage is going to go through the roof if this takes off. Another feature making this a big deal, is the testing of ‘Group’ chat between devices. Now you can connect to multiple people in different locations and have coffee…in a video chat square.

This is only beta testing so far, but if you want to sign up to help test it out, hit the link here and sign-up.

[Via – BGR]

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