Google report: there are now more than 190 million Android devices out there

• 14/10/2011

Google reported a nice third quarter earnings with $9.72 billion in revenue and $2.72 billion in profit and it also laid out some interesting information on the Android front. The company said that there are now more than 190 million Android devices out there and tried to downplay the patent attack on its platform.

CEO Larry Page said there are 190 million Android devices activated and the company previously said that it was activating 500,000 Android devices a day. To put that number into context, Apple just announced that there have been over 250 million iOS devices sold. Page also said that the mobile business is on track for $2.5 billion in revenue this year and this includes all platforms because it monetizes through search.

As for the patent attack on Android, Page said it probably won’t work and the Motorola deal gives it enough defensive tools to remove some of the uncertainty. The full quote goes like this:

We see no signs the patent attacks are effective. We think other companies’ actions there will alienate customers … We announced our intention about Motorola, we’re serious about protecting the Android ecosystem.

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