Google Nexus One gets Honeycomb ported

• 21/02/2011


This hack for your Google Nexus One is not for the timid, and as always, could brick your device. We cannot recommend you attempt this unless you take all precautions necessary to ensure you can restore your data in the event something goes wrong. Now that our conscience is cleared…

The devs over at XDA-Developers have figured out a way to get Android’s latest OS, Honeycomb, running on a Google Nexus One device! This port however does not have full functionality, as such you won’t be able to make calls, send texts, use your camera, bluetooth or Wi-Fi…but hey…you look so cool! OK, maybe better wait for the next few builds of this port before you turn your device into a virtual brick, as in, it has no functionality but still boots.

Head on over to the source link below for XDA to find out more.

[Source – MobileCrunch, XDA-Developers]

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