Google is testing its Music Service internally – launch is coming

• 26/03/2011


According to Cnet, Google has begun testing its soon to be launched, and much anticipated, Google Music Service with its staff internally. We had read about the Music sync feature that shows up in the Android 3.0 Honeycomb build for tablets, but the feature isn’t turned on until Google puts out an update for its service to launch.

The Google music service once available will allow users who subscribe to stream, buy, and store music libraries online with Google’s cloud service and wirelessly sync their music to the Android devices and computers. Currently it’s rumored that Google is still ironing out any details with the major record labels, no doubt to ensure they don’t lose any money over actual album sales. When this launches though…lookout iTunes! Google having a service like this would pretty much tie up any reason for someone NOT to get an Android, as music services and apps have somewhat been lacking for Android devices.

[Via – BGR | Cnet]

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