Google Earth app optimized for Honeycomb – available now in market

• 06/05/2011

google-earth-05-05-2011 honeycomb

Android Honeycomb tablets don’t have a huge amount of apps optimized for its use just yet, but Google is trying to play catch up with its own app to support its own Operating System. The latest to receive some Honeycomb love is Google Earth, which has been updated and is available now in the Android Market.

The new features include options to view textured 3D buildings from within street view, as well as a new action bar on the top which lets you display different layers over the map zone you’re viewing. Also coming next week to Google Maps, is the Business Photos feature (Places) which will show 360 degree images of the inside of businesses with the owners permission. Essentially the same thing streetview did for streets, it will now do for the inside of businesses that want the feature shown in Google Maps. The video below illustrates the feature.

Business owners can invite Google photographers into their establishments to take high-quality images of their businesses. Users can view the photos and learn more by visiting the Place pages of those restaurants, hotels, and more. Please visit to apply or learn more.

[Via – Engadget]

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