Google creating own messaging app to rival iMessage and BBM

• 13/06/2011


A new report has come out that states Google is working on their own messaging application for Android devices, this right after Apple launched iOS 5 which now has ‘iMessage‘ (big surprise on the name). We know that there has been talk of BBM going to Android and iOS devices earlier this year, but since we haven’t really heard any other traffic about it, or when it’s going to happen. maybe Google is tired of waiting for RIM to get their stuff together.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has this in the works. The report states the following;

Google Inc., whose Android software is the most popular operating system on smartphones, has also recently worked on a messaging application, a person familiar with the matter said.

There isn’t any other crucial details on this story from the source, but it makes sense that they would want to develop an application similar to BBM to keep users on Android devices, rather than making the switch to a BlackBerry or iPhone. Anyone I know that has a BlackBerry says they keep it for BlackBerry messenger, that’s it.

[Via – Mobilesyrup | WSJ]

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