Google announces partner plans to deliver latest updates and fix Android fragmentation

• 11/05/2011

android partners

There have always been debates on whether Google’s Android operating system was fragmented and causing much developer heartache when it comes to making apps work across multiple different form factors and devices. Google has finally heard those concerns and has decided to create a partnership with main manufacturers of Android devices, with the intention of delivering timely updates to the Android OS, thus making upgrades faster and adoption of newer Android OS’s seemless for the majority of devices.

Currently, only 5% of Android devices are using Gingerbread or higher, an OS which was launched over 6 months ago.

This initiative will do more than keep software up to date, but rather continually improve the brand of manufacturers and Android by keeping the hardware up to date within 18 months of release. This means that Google and these partners will ensure that last years awesome Android device will still receive the latest software upgrade within a certain timeframe, rather than leaving it up to the carrier or maker to roll it out on their schedule, which usually seems to take forever.

[Via – MobileCrunch]

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