First Ice Cream Sandwich Google device made by Samsung – ‘Nexus Prime’

• 27/06/2011

google Nexus-Prime

The next Google Nexus device looks like it will be made by Samsung after details emerged confiming some specs within the device which we see should have no physical menu keys on the front. These sources reported to BGR that the device will have ‘SuperAMOLED HD‘ technology for the display with 720p support. That display is a Samsung display. The processor has been confirmed as a Texas Instrument OMAP4460, which is currently the fastest dual-core processor on the market at 1.5GHz dual-core.

The name which we thought may have been the Google Nexus 3, should be codenamed the Google ‘Nexus Prime’ according to these same sources. It’ll be the first smartphone launched to run Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) this year, followed by many other Android 4.0 devices made by many OEMs which will launch on many different carriers at the same time. This would be a major push in marketing for the Android OS.

[Via – BGR | TalkAndroid]

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