Firefox 4 Beta for Android clocks in 3 times faster than stock browser

• 02/02/2011

Browser speed, faster, speedier, fasterier… It’s really going to get to the point where the browser gives us results before we even touch a keyboard. In the latest war on browser speeds however, Firefox 4 beta for Android is up to 3 or 4 times faster than the stock OS browser. That’s pretty fast! Now you just have to make sure you have the network speed to match, 2G just won’t do.

Our Source below gives us the rundown here;

  • In the Kraken Javascript Benchmark, this latest Firefox 4 Beta is roughly 3X faster — but to be completely fair, Kraken is built by Mozilla.
  • Even in the more commonly used SunSpider test, however, Firefox 4 comes in at speeds twice as fast
  • Javascript speeds are great and all — but most people wouldn’t notice the few fractions of a second’s difference we’re talking about here. Fortunately, Mozilla’s also shaved off speed around start-up and general page load, and improved page panning fluidity, memory usage, and text rendering.

Now before we go download the latest firefox 4 beta for our devices, here’s one thing that may keep you using the Android browser, it’s got Flash support, where the others don’t. That’s likely going to change, but for now, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

[Source – mobilecrunch]

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