Facebook Working on New Smartphone?

• 19/09/2011

There has been no dearth of Facebook phones – especially over the course of the past few months. Handsets like the HTC ChaCha and the Vodafone Blue 555 had made their presence felt worldwide. But none of these handsets are made by Facebook. In case of the Vodafone Blue for example, the device was launched in close co-operation with Facebook – but is targeted at emerging markets where Facebook sees a lot of potential in the future.

But it seems Facebook isn’t happy with just capturing the untapped, emerging markets. For the same reason they might just venture in to making a full Facebook branded smartphone if we are to believe reports emerging from trusted sources like Bloomberg and Forbes.

htcfacebook phones

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Facebook is likely to come out with a smartphone in the US. The phone, scheduled to be on AT&T still seems to be in the planning stages as the report says that the carrier hasn’t yet entered in to a deal with Facebook for the phone.

Whenever this happens, it is clear that Facebook would hire someone to make the phone for them. That’s exactly what they did with the Blue 500. That handset for example, is made for Vodafone and Facebook by Alcatel, and for Alcatel by a Chinese company called TCT Mobile.

Anyway, it would be interesting as to how this device would turn out to be. Our strong feeling is that we would be seeing this one toting Android. What do you think?


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