Experimental Honeycomb ROM now available for Samsung Galaxy Tab

• 05/04/2011

The unofficial Android 3.0 Honeycomb port for the Galaxy Tab has made some further improvements.

The creator of this experimental Honeycomb ROM, spacemoose1, has made some initial alpha builds available for download allowing the CDMA Galaxy Tab a little taste of sweet, sweet Honeycomb.

The ROM is based on the Honeycomb SDK build and while mostly functional it is still in an unstable, early phase of development.  It’s slow.  It might crash.  You can see the video above for an example.

So, while it’s a fun little thing to play around with right now, we definitely wouldn’t want to be running this as our main ROM right now.  At least, not till more kinks are worked out.  Want to give it a try at your own risk? Check it.

[Source – Android Central]

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