Early Bird – Get That Worm! Fun and Addictive Game for Android and iPhone

• 09/10/2011

Get that worm! Control your bird with simple and intuitive gesture controls to flutter through beautiful landscapes past obstacles. The closer the Early Bird gets to the bulls-eye, the more stars and points you’ll earn for the level. Flap through 96 levels across four challenging zones. Get ready for a fancy flight.

Customer Reviews:

am hooked!!!! love it!!!!really like this game, cant get enough!

Great game! Great game BUT i feel cheated now that they tweaked some of the levels to make them easier?! I managed to 3 star them all before and now it just seems like a waste of effort. A big screw you to the people who moaned that it was too hard.

Great game.This game overall is a great game and I hope one day they will bring lots and lots of new missions to play around with. Thank You

Fun. A really fun game, it reminds me of Angry Birds but you can swipe more than once, pinoointing where you want to land. I recommend you to buy this game

In this OpenFeint enabled game, you’ll be swiping a path for the bird to flutter on top of a bullseye to catch the worm while trying to navigate through challenging levels. It’s easy to figure out how to play, but challenging to master. The graphics are bright and inviting and you’ll certainly find a ton of challenges as you play through the 96 great looking levels. Of course, Early Bird game is free today so there’s no reason not to try it out for yourself.

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Early Bird - Booyah, Inc.


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