Dell Employees Arrested After Marketing Stunt Goes Wrong

• 16/02/2011

Two Dell employees were arrested after an internal marketing stunt went way wrong. One of the men was dressed up as a biker, wearing all black and a skull mask, and yelling at people to “go to the lobby”. This “play act” resulted in several employees making 911 calls to Texas police about a masked “gunman” carrying metal objects. The purpose behind the marketing ploy? To promote a new product for the Dell Streak Tablet that interfaces with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Now no one is really sure what the product does, but was it really worth it? The two men arrested were charged with interfering with public duties and deadly misconduct.

What I want to know is who thought that dressing up as an armed, masked biker would result in anything good?

[Source – Engadget]

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