Dell 7 inch tablet concept shows revolutionary design

• 09/06/2011


The image you see above is one of a new Tablet concept from Dell (obviously), which touts a full QWERTY slider keyboard. The Tablet is a 7inch design, of which we don’t know what OS it may be running. This likely seems logical that it may be a Windows 8 Tablet design given the split keyboard, which was seen in the Windows 8 OS demo. Given the time before Windows 8 comes out, Dell would have ample time to put this design into production.

The only downside of all this is that the concept you see is just that…a concept, to which Dell has confirmed will never make it to production. Sad really, because this design is 3 – 4 years old (hmm….that’s older than the iPad), and shows what Dell is really capable of when it comes to innovation. Sorry Apple, looks like Dell had it first?

[Via – Engadget | Tweakers]

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