Cut the Rope – Free on Amazon AppStore. Today Only

• 28/09/2011

Feed Om Nom! This hungry little green monster needs candy, and it’s your job to make it happen. Swipe to cut ropes, tap to pop bubbles, and… watch out for spiders! Collect gold stars to unlock new levels, each containing 25 puzzles that get more challenging. If the candy drops into Om Nom’s mouth — success!

Very fun game.. Also keeps the kids occupied…I love this game. First played it on the iPhone. So happy to see it on Android now. Totally worth the money!

Really superior translation. This is the most polished translation of a high profile ios game yet (original ad supported Angry Birds sucked on even high end phones). The popcap games are fun but blurry, buggy, and clearly an afterthought. Thanks for showing us some respect! OG Evo.

It’s a gotta have game!!!! This game is super fun super cute. its another make u think game better than Angry Birds I think by far. if you like games like this there’s a few more out there “blast monkeys” , “nano panda” and “shaky tower” not sure if Amazon has them all got a couple off the Market.

Great game! The is a great game and extremely polished. It runs blazingly fast on my HTC Desire (1Ghz Snapdragon) and I have no idea why so many people are complaining about load-times and crashing. Less than 5 seconds from clicking the shortcut to playing the game and I’ve never seen it hiccup once in game.
It’s the #1 paid game on the Android Market at the moment (and for good reason) so getting it here as the free app of the day is outstanding!


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