Create your own Android App with AppsGeyser – no skills required

• 17/01/2011


There’s been a few apps come out, or webapps, that have allowed people without any real coding skills to create an app and get it up on the market with little time at all. Some are quick, but lack the ability to make it an appealing, versatile app, others lack the ability to make you any money. AppsGeyser changes things, you can make money buy click ads that appear in the app you’ve created, which has a few fully functional features as well.

AppsGeyser is also Free…that’s right…it’s Free. They make money when you make money, either from the sale of the app, or from money made through click ad impressions within your app. This all comes to you from “Besttoolbars”, which is a company that developed a way to have users customize their own browser toolbars, and manage them.

All in all, this webapp is a great tool for those who want to create a mobile presence, and be able to manage their app online, with ease. Plus, you can actually make money from it!

[Source – intomobile]

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