Chrome OS will not go on tablets – Google I/O 2011

• 12/05/2011


At Google I/O Wednesday, Google Senior VP of Chrome Sundar Pichai made a great presentation of the Chrome OS, and its features we’ll all see by June 15th with its Samsung and Acer Chromebooks as well as the ChromeBox. Chromebooks are designed to replace Windows and Apple laptops and netbooks, while the ChromeBox is poised to replace desktop computers, primarily in the enterprise environment, but no doubt will move to the home markets as well.

There has been speculation on whether some Chrome update code revealed the interest of moving Chrome OS to tablets, which many found strange since Google has invested so much into the Android mobile OS for smartphones and tablets alike, especially with the announcement of the next mobile Android OS being Ice Cream Sandwich.

[Chrome OS] is a new experience we’re working on. It’s hardware agnostic in a sense. We are fully, 100 percent focused on laptops. Most of the web usage — greater than 90 percent — is on laptops. That’s what we’re working on today, and we have no other plans on any other form factors.

There are a variety of experiences out there, and the web model is very different. We’re comfortable seeing them coexist. Google Movies and YouTube have web versions — when you use a Chromebook, you see how it’s different, and they’ll naturally coexist. These are very different models — if we didn’t do something like Chromebooks, I’m pretty sure someone else would.

HP is one that comes to mind of a manufacturer who has intentions of connecting all their devices from printers to smartphones to laptops with their WebOS. Google simply beat them to the punch so to speak.

[Via – Engadget]

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