Checkbook is free on the Amazon Appstore today – manage your finances on Android

• 02/09/2011

checkbook for Android

Checkbook is a way for you to turn your real paper checkbook onto your Android device for better money management. It can make automatic transfers between accounts that you setup on the app, keep the balances for you so you’ll never have to break out a calculator again. Bill payments and spending can be tracked and factored into your statements as well, with over 30 different categories such as ‘gasoline’, ‘groceries’, ‘utilities’, and many more. There are 7 diferent currencies you can set, multiple accounts, and password protection as well in case you lose your smartphone.

*The app does not make connection with your actual bank accounts. This is a way to keep your ‘checkbook’ balanced on your phone only, not an actual bank application*

Here are some user comments on the App from the Android Market;

Easy, password protected and fast. Everything I needed. The developer even l listens to feedback. Great job guy(s)!!!

Totally useful! I have used the free version for about a year now. I am happy to support them. This is probably the most useful financial app. The backup option makes it perfect.

Some more product features;

  • Keep your checkbook on your phone for ultimate convenience
  • Manage your account balance and avoid overdraft fees
  • Handle multiple accounts

Grab it free by clicking the image from Amazon below.

[amazon_enhanced asin="B004UIBIHM" /] [amazon_enhanced asin="B004TC1TLO" /] [amazon_enhanced asin="B004X1TJQI" /] [amazon_enhanced asin="B004DLNBDA" /]

checkbook for Android

checkbook for Android

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