Can BlackBerry PlayBook last when Apple iPad2 release beats it – no

• 02/03/2011


If you worked at RIM right now, would you be worried about how well the PlayBook is going to do against the other tablets on the market, especially the Apple iPad 2, with a launch date of April when the iPad 2 is launching a month before that? HECK YES!

RIM is going to be looking at dismal sales of the PlayBook coming in a month after the iPad 2 has already had a good head start emptying peoples bank accounts. Honestly, RIM needs to get the PlayBook on the market next week if it even stands a chance at selling these tablets.

The iPad already owns 90% of the Tablet market, and it’s only going to increase in a week from now when they launch the iPad2. The Motorola Xoom is already out, and selling decent, also the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been out for some time, and still selling units, mainly because they’ve been going on sale as people ready for the next wave of tablets.

Is RIM an injured horse that needs to be put down? Apple may have that answer next week.

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