BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iOS this year

• 03/03/2011


It looks as though BGR is confirming (perhaps a little prematurely) that RIM plans on releasing the BlackBerry Messenger app to the Android and iOS platforms for mobile devices sometime this year. This news comes by way of special trusted sources, but as of yet, RIM has not made any confirmations on this claim, therefore for now, it’s still just a rumor.

How will RIM be doing this exactly, and why would they offer this app to the very competition that’s stomping their business into the ground? We’re not sure either actually, but rumopr has it that RIM could charge non-blackberry users (Android and Apple) a one-time fee for the app, perhaps buying it from their App market or Stores. There already exists apps for Android and iOS that bring multi-platform communications such as Kik and Trillian, but RIM believes that BlackBerry Messenger is the one app that could, and should dominate the mobile communications field.

At this time there’s no Windows Phone 7 in the mix, and maybe that’s because of some hard feelings between Nokia, Microsoft, and RIM, but Android has already been in the spotlight for running apps on the PlayBook from RIM, and so it’s not far fetched to see this being a reality very soon. As for iOS, RIM will need to build and submit an app for Apple approval just like everyone else.

Could this be the ticket for RIM to win back some users who jumped ship to an Android device or an iPhone? We’re not sure the app is that big a deal, but RIM thinks so.

What do you think?

[Source – BGR]

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