Bell Motorola Atrix has HSUPA disabled – C’mon man!

• 18/03/2011


The Motorola Atrix has made its way to Bell Mobility in Canada, and although it’s a welcomed Android device to a currently lacking Android lineup across Canada when compared to what’s available in the US, there’s still one little issue that we hope Bell resolves. The upload is throttled at around 400kbps, due to the HSUPA being disabled, just like it is at AT&T in the US. C’mon man! Hopefully Bell Mobility issues a statement regarding this, and even more hopefully that they decide to unlock the feature, even if it’s when they spread more 4G coverage over their network maps, that’s fine by us too. Just don’t leave it that way.

The Bell Motorola Atrix will cost you $169.99 with a 3 year contract, and up to $599.99 without one.

[Via – Engadget | Bell Mobility]

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