AT&T Sony Xperia X10 gets Android 2.1 update – try not to laugh

• 31/05/2011

sony xperia x10 android 2.1 eclair

The title of this post should read ‘AT&T makes things better for Xperia X10 owners and sends Gingerbread update’, but alas…it does not. Rather, AT&T is sending out Android 2.1 Eclair to the Xperia X10, which brings the device up to 2010, barely. Why they just didn’t go from Android 1.6 straight to Android 2.2 Froyo at least is beyond my capacity, or at least if there’s no direct upgrade path, put out Froyo after the Eclair upgrade in a 2-step process.

It is worth mentioning that AT&T and Sony could have easily given up on updating this device at all since they are launching their next wave of Android devices with Gingerbread, and would probably rather have you buy a new device than upgrade your old one, but they did stay to their word. Good on them…sort of. If I owned an Xperia X10, I’d be heading over to XDA-Developers to find a Gingerbread ROM, and nevermind the wait for upgrades from AT&T. You’ll be glad that you did.

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