AT&T reports largest first quarter report ever – not affected by Verizon iPhone

• 20/04/2011

att-iphone4-money-money-money first quarter sales

Well AT&T can’t be doing that badly right? After many thought that the Apple iPhone going to Verizon would be a reckoning for AT&T, it turns out that AT&T wasn’t overly affected anyway as they are reporting they’re largest first quarter ever. The same quarter that Verizon launched the iPhone in 2011. Hmmmm. Something isn’t stirring the Kool-Aid.

ATT sales save-money-spending-money

AT&T reportedly sold 5.5 million devices during Q1 2011, with 60% of that being iPhones, with 23% more new AT&T iPhone subscribers. That’s actually impressive. No wonder they want to buy T-Mobile…they have the money to do it!

To add to that, AT&T has gone on record stating that they wish to focus on selling more Android devices, along with Windows Phone 7 devices as well. Launching the Motorola Atrix was a big step in that direction for AT&T.

[Via – mobilecrunch]

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