AT&T releasing update for Motorola Atrix 4G HSUPA enabling

• 01/05/2011

AT&T motorola Atrix 4G HTC Inspire 4G update HSUPA

AT&T looks to be making many Motorola Atrix 4G owners happy as they have plans to roll out an update enabling the Atrix 4G HSUPA connectivity. This update should remove any uplink speed restrictions on the Atrix, giving it the speed we all saw it was capable, but AT&T just didn’t want to allow.

Today, AT&T began to deploy an update for the HTC Inspireā„¢ 4G that provides, among other features, the addition of enhanced uplink speed technology. (HSUPA).

An update that adds HSUPA for the Motorola ATRIX 4G has cleared testing and will be deployed soon.

Both updates will roll out to customers of both phones over the coming weeks. Users will get a message on their device notifying them of an update and to connect to Wi-Fi to download it. After downloading it, the user needs to only allow the update to automatically install.

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