AT&T finally releasing Android 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Captivate

• 23/02/2011


Well it’s been almost a full week since we last heard from AT&T about the Samsung Captivate FroYo update that got pulled offline right after it was loaded. AT&T teased users into thinking they could upgrade, only to step on their hopes and dreams minutes after.

Since then, the Captivate community with AT&T has been in an uproar about when they’ll finally get it again. Your wait is apparently over! AT&T announced on their Facebook page about an hour ago that the Froyo upgrade will be available on Thursday Feb 24th 2011 for all AT&T Captivate owners. WOW…the Facebook page is exploding with other users wondering where the upgrades are for other AT&T devices the Aria, or the Xperia X10. AT&T needs a lot of time I guess.

From their Facebook page;

Great news for Samsung Captivate owners! The Android 2.2 upgrade is coming tomorrow! We’ll post a link here to the Samsung site with instructions to install the upgrade tomorrow. In the meantime, AT&T Android Senior Project Manager Dante Martin answers your questions about Android updates and provides some insights into updates for Aria in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

[Source – Facebook]

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