Asus to reveal new tablet-smartphone combo unit at Computex

• 27/05/2011

Asus tablet smartphone combo

Looking at the pics above that ASUS released as teasers, points us all to one conclusion on what we may see at the unveiling at Computex from May 30th – June 4th next week… a hybrid smartphone/Tablet device. It makes sense, I mean, why carry 2 devices all the time, your smartphone and your new Tablet. Why not have them dock together, so when you need the smartphone and don’t feel like bringing the Tablet, you simply remove it from the tablets mother dock. If this is what we will see, i personally hope it runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb and has a smartphone that literally combines and blends right into the Tablet‘s shell. None of this sticky outty stuff.

If you’re going to launch a revolutionary product, make sure it’s unbelievably awesome. Just ask Apple.

[Via – BGR]

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