AppScribe – Unlimited Android Premium Apps for a Small Monthly Fee

• 18/09/2011

AppScribe just unveiled a new premium subscription service for Android. AppScribe not only provides unlimited apps to subscribers, but increased exposure and greater revenue to developers.

The idea is AppScribe will give top-quality Android apps and games to its subscribers. Customers don’t have to worry about getting limited “lite” version applications, because apps and games included in the service are full versions and do not need in-app purchasing. Also, the service will give subscribers access to the entire AppScribe library of apps and games for a price roughly equal to purchasing one game per month. Not bad, right?

AppScribe is making a real concerted effort to making life easier for consumers and developers. In its release, the company points out that the Android Market is approaching 300,000 apps, and is becoming flooded with spam, games and apps of low quality and malware. “Many Android users have become frustrated trying to find apps and games in this huge sea,” also adding “quality developers are finding it hard to break even, much less make a profit in this crowded marketplace.”

This all sounds great, but AppScribe needs to make sure it doesn’t run into the same issues as the Amazon App Store when it comes to issuing proper compensation to Android developers. AppScribe’s premium subscription service will launch in September. How many of you would be interested in signing up for this kind of service?

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