Apple predicted to dominate tablet market for next 4 years – Android will catch up

• 12/04/2011

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Not much of a big surprise for the numbers here in this chart, but Apple is pegged to lead the way in the Tablet market for a number of years to come. Android tablets, despite their many different styles, won’t catch up until late 2015, where Apple will still be dominant, but not by much. Of course, all of these numbers can change as Apple continues to put out revolutionary products every few years that re-establish their position and stronghold on the market anyway. Android’s Tablet OS ‘Honeycomb’ will be old and useless by the year 2015.

Of note, other Tablet OS’s won’t even make a dent against Apple or Android tablets, which makes you wonder why they even try to fight over that last broken cracker at the bottom of the box. By 2015, who knows, tablets may not even be the main form factor, we may all be wearing 3D augmented reality glasses by then with transparent touchscreens on our wrists… i said it first.

[Via – Engadget]

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