Apple Leader in App Store Revenue, Nokia Ovi and Google Catching Up

• 18/02/2011

Numbers for total app store revenue have been released, and for another year in a row, Apple has maintained its lead. That being said, Nokia’s Ovi Store and Google’s Android Market are catching up fast. While Apple’s growth from 2009 was recorded at 131%, Nokia’s was 719%, and Google’s 861%. We can’t forget Blackberry either, who maybe not-so-surprisingly had more growth than Apple as well, sitting at 360% from 2009. I don’t know if Apple has much to worry about anytime soon though, as they still maintained 82.7% of the total revenue made in app store sales in 2010.

If you’re out of work, maybe consider building an iOS app? Apple’s app sales for 2010 totaled $1.7 billion. That’s where the money’s at!

[Source – Engadget]

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