Apple iPhone5 launching with 3D display technology?

• 01/02/2011


The latest rumors to be flying by our heads in the iPhone5 release information is that we may see some 3D technology dumped into the new device. This isn’t too far fetched is it? I mean, the new Nintendo 3DS uses a 3D screen, the LG Optimus 3D is coming out with 3D touchscreen technology, so why not the iPhone5?

If we know anything about Apple, they like to be the trend setters in their shared technology markets, and we will be seeing more 3D devices coming out this year. If iPhone5 waits til next year with the iPhone6 to have 3D, they’ll likely be near the bottom of a big pile. Not usually where they like being.

In any regard, this is speculation with no rpoof to back it up. A conspiracy theory if you will. Do you agree or disagree with it?

[Source – mobilecrunch]

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