Angry Birds Rio is now available in the Android Market – is it still Free?

• 31/03/2011


Now that the Amazon App Store has had a week with the Angry Birds Rio game exclusively, it’s time to let everyone else who doesn’t feel like using another app store to get the game anyway.

The new version is available for you to download, and yes, it is still Free for all…with ads still as well. The new version of the game includes the characters we’ll see in the Rio movie soon to come out, with 60 new levels, gameplay twists which mimic the movie and hidden achievements throughout. Rather than attack and knock over pigs, your goal is to rescue imprisoned birds by tearing down their prison cages (bird cages). So just when you thought you were bored after spending 120 hours on the first game, here’s more to conquer.

[Via – BGR | Android Market]

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