Android@Home announced at Google I/O 2011 – automate your home

• 11/05/2011

android @ home google I/O 2011

If you’re the paranoid Skitish type of person, you may want to turn away and not read this article. That said, I’ll continue…

Google announced at Google I/O 2011 Tuesday that they are launching a special type of APK which is designed to bring control of software and hardware together under one platform, the platform being Android. Up until now, Android has been tailored for mobile devices. After this week, we know different. It’s now being tailored to control any type of interface, not just mobile devices. Android @ Home is one of these special products, which combines technology with basic home needs, such as the ability to control your lighting through Android software. Essentially, Android aims to be able to control any appliance or device that uses electricity to start, and then a few other features after the fact as well.

Lighting Science is a company partnering with Google to bring common household technology to control under Android, such as an Android lightbulb which is capable of communicating with other Android devices, lets say to turn the lights off in your home when you’ve forgotten after you left. Interesting.

Google = Skynet

[Via – Engadget | geeksugar]

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