Android starting not to look so ‘open source’ as Google fights fragmentation concerns

• 31/03/2011


There’s been a debate among software vendors, developers and manufacturers over whether Android is fundamentally flawed due to the amount of different form factors and sizes that Android is currently used on, from 3inch smartphones all the way up to 10.1 inch tablets. This has been a reported thorn in the side of some developers, while other say that it’s really just a matter of dealing with it and developing better applications with cleaner code. Android is open source, and therefore manufacturers have adopted it to many devices, some of which barely have the hardware to run it properly. Should this be a concern for Google? Should they put restrictions on the OS to manufacturers much like how iOS or even Microsoft Windows has hardware requirements for installing?

Those are some of the concerns Google has when dealing with the ‘openness’ of Android OS. In a report filed by Bloomberg Business Week, Google is slowly closing, or at least not having the door so ‘wide open’ when it comes to freedom with Android OS. The report says specifically;

There will be no more willy-nilly tweaks to the software…No more partnerships formed outside of Google’s purview.

So, as it seems, Google wants Android to be used, but it wants it to shine on devices as well, which is something that it doesn’t do when its installed on a cheap piece of 2.8 inch plastic which could barely open email, let alone other smartphone apps from the market. All of this can make manufacturers and outside companies uneasy, as they customize Android devices to suit their consumer needs, not Google’s business needs. We know this isn’t going to go away quietly…so we’ll keep bringing more info as it comes in.

[Via BGR | Business Week]

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