Android Market will have more apps than iOS by end of summer 2011

• 05/05/2011

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A recent study by research2guidance shows that the Android Market will surpass the iTunes App Store for total number of apps available, not by 2013, or 2012, but by the end of summer 2011!  The growth of both the Android Market and the iTunes App Store are charted above showing that they cross paths in August 2011 given the current growth rates. The Apple iTunes App Store launched in 2008, where the Android Market launched part way through 2009.

This report does not take into consideration the amount of revenue brought in by the apps sold, where we know iOS apps turn more dough in the end overall than in the Android Market, but that may start to change as well as more and more developers either create or port existing apps into the Android Market, as well as markets for BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone 7.

Here’s what research2guidance had to say regarding their findings;

Google’s Android Market is the fastest growing app store today. Currently it shows growth rates more than twice as high as Apple’s App Store. In April Android added 28,000 new apps, whereas Apple lagged behind with only 11,000 apps. Each market leaders adds more apps to their store every month than other platforms have in total.

Not a bad rate of growth for Android hey, seeing as they now have the largest market share for shipped smartphones in Q1 2011 as well.

[Via – intomobile]

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