Android Market Web Store has OTA app installs to mobile devices

• 02/02/2011

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Probably the coolest thing to come out of the Google Android Honeycomb event earlier today was the new features and facelift for the Android Market. The Android Market wepage has a great new layout, showing the usual categories for easy app surfing, but now has all the information you’ll need when you click on an app and decide to purchase it. You can now buy the app right from the webpage, select your device and payment method, and after you click buy (or install for Free apps) it’ll send the installer directly to your Android device over the air! How cool is that!

Also from the event today, is that developers will begin receiving the in-app purchases SDK from Google so they can build it into future apps hitting the Android Market to encourage more purchasing of their apps. This ought to make developers happy, as well as customers for speeding up the purchase process and minimizing clicks.

Great job Google!!

[Pic – Engadget]
[Source – Android Market]

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