Android Market now has dedicated Sony Ericsson channel

• 14/04/2011

android market sony ericsson xperia app channel

The Android Market is showing some changes for anyone with a Sony Ericsson Xperia device, as the “My Apps” section usually seen beside the ‘Apps’ and ‘Games’ area has been replaced with “Sony Ericsson”. This section is only accessed by those with an Xperia device, and is tailored to feature apps designed specifically for Sony Ericsson devices.

We’ve shared our feelings on ‘tailored’ and copycat Android Markets, and frankly, Amazon is the only alternative Android Market worth its bloat weight in apps as it gives you the opportunity to demo the apps in a virtual Android OS environment before you install or buy. Other than that, I still find these ‘channels’ and alternative markets a waste of cyberspace. How many different kinds of toothpaste does one need to choose from when we’re just trying to have clean white teeth?

Let us know what you think about these Android channels and alternative markets in the comments below. If you’re an Xperia owner, let us know if the new Sony Ericsson channel is worth it.

[Via – talkandroid]

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