Android Market launches In-App billing – start buying add-ons now

• 30/03/2011

When you get tired of tapping the same songs in Tap Tap Revolution, or reading the same comics, you would normally have to go back to the market or developer webpage, and pay for another add-on or comic edition to install. Now, with the In-App launch in the Android Market, all you need to do is open the app on your device, and click to see the available add-ons, which you can buy directly from within the app. This is a major feature for developers to earn quicker cash for their apps (if they’ve added it to their app), as consumers have always found it a bit of a long process to get and pay for app add-ons. The faster the better for developers!

If you’re a developer and need more information about in-app payment features for your apps, you can find more by clicking here.

[Via – BGR | Android Developer]

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