Android leads the smartphone market share in US – steady is the ship

• 31/05/2011


A new report on the smartphone market share was released by Nielsen Tuesday May 31st 2011. The results of the report show that Android holds steady at 36%, where in the last report they were at 37%. iOS trails Android with 26%, while other mobile OS’s are changing hands as well, BlackBerry OS devices at 23%, 9% still carry a Windows Mobile device. Windows Phone 7 devices are still quite low at 1%, but that is expected to change dramatically over the next couple of years as they continue to make new advancements in the OS.

Below is charted the monthly data usage for each mobile OS as well as the data divided up by function for each OS. It looks like Android owners use the most data per month, oddly enough though, that Apple iOS users consumer more data than Android for each type of task in the bottom chart, which is taken from Feb – April 2011.

[Via – BGR]

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