Android grows to 53% of smartphone share – iOS 50% of app revenue globally

• 19/05/2011


Another report has come out from Millennial Media which shows the smartphone mix for market share globally over the last quarter. not surprisingly, Android has moved up again to 53% of the global smartphone market share, but iOS devices still maintain 50% of all revenue made from Mobile Apps through the iTunes App Store. Apple iOS came in 2nd polace for market share with 28%, RIM Blackberry with 16%, and 4% for the remaining Symbian, WP7 and Palm.

Android has 39% of the total app revenue share after Apple iOS’s 50%, which is still pretty good considering the changes Google made to help boost paid apps in the Android Market recently. No doubt the addition of Cloud music, movie and book rentals is going to make these numbers jump again for the next report.


[Via – BGR | Millennial Media]

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