Android and iPhone get new messenger app from Facebook

• 20/09/2011

UK Apple and Android users will now be able to chat to each other far more easily thanks to a new messenger app that has been released by social networking site Facebook.

Users will find a whole host of impressive features available through this new Facebook messenger app and anyone who is familiar with the chat facility on Facebook will find the layout of the app an easy one to pick up. Included in this app is the ability to send messages to mobile contacts and friends either using the instant messaging facility for those with the app or by text for those that haven’t downloaded it yet.

Chats can also take place between multiple users in a single chat session thanks to the free push notifications for incoming chats and for those users that don’t want the constant interruption of incoming messages there are alert settings for every chat session.

As well as chat facilities users will also be able to attach locations and photos to the messages they send.

The considerable Facebook following is likely to make this messenger app very popular although some users may question the need for them to add yet another messenger app to the ones they currently use.

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