Android and iPhone dominate market while BlackBerry curls in corner

• 30/06/2011


In this report from Nielsen on mobile marketshare from March 2011 – May 2011, we see that Android and Apple are dominating the smartphone market. BlackBerry is slowly falling to the side, and assuming the fetal position as the decline continues for RIM. Amazingly, HP’s WebOS has twice as much share as Windows Phone 7 devices, but that should change once Windows Phone 7 releases the ‘Mango’ update, which has been receiving great reviews.

Android doubled Apple’s increase since April over the month of May by gaining 2% while Apple gained 1%. A notable mention in the market is the increase in smartphone purchases over the last 3 months, as 55% of mobile purchases were smartphones over feature phones, which means we’ll start seeing the decline in feature phone usage entirely (at least until our smartphone breaks and we need our old device back).


[Via – BGR]

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