Amazon’s Tablet to be called “Kindle Fire”?

• 27/09/2011


I am sure for most of you following the tablets space closely; this wouldn’t come as a surprise at all. For the past few weeks we have been hearing a lot about the “soon to arrive” Amazon Kindle Tablet. The device, rumored to be running a modified version of Android was reportedly used by folks over at Techcrunch who were given a prototype, under embargo. A few days ago, Amazon issued invites to journalists inviting them for an event on September 28 where it is thought to launch the new Tablet.

As for the latest news, we have folks over at Techcrunch (again!) reporting that the new Tablet would be christened the “Kindle Fire” when its launched on Wednesday. If you were in a cave for the past few weeks or so, let us give you a quick update on what we know of the Kindle Tablet so far.

The device is thought to come with a 7 inch display and is similar in size to the Blackberry Playbook. We don’t know the screen resolution yet – but it should be right up there with the best in the industry. On the OS side of things, it will run a modified version of Android 2.1 which will not look like Android at all. In fact, even Android apps from the Android market won’t work on them. You will need to download apps from the Kindle app store for this.

The Kindle Fire will also get a dual core 1.2 Ghz processor in all likelihood. This would make the device faster than the Nook Color which has an 800 Mhz single core CPU. That said, there has been news about Barnes& Noble coming up with a new version of the Nook soon. The Nook Color 2 as it is known will feature a dual core processor and will also run on an OS based on Android 2.3, reports say.

Now, it would be interesting of Barnes & Noble decides to launch the Nook Color 2 in the next few days.


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