Amazon Appstore for Android live, free Angry Birds Rio

• 22/03/2011

It’s official! Amazon’s own Appstore for Android has launched.  Early adopters will be rewarded with a shiny new download of Angry Birds Rio, available exclusively to Amazon Appstore.  After day one, you’ll be able to buy Angry Birds Rio for just $0.99.  The cool thing about Amazon’s Appstore is that they intend to showcase a new usually paid-for app for free each day.

You can expect to see around 3,800 applications available right now.  Get set up with Amazon’s Appstore using the dedicated app from Android or using their web interface.  The web interface has a 30-minute Test Drive facility, where you can try out a program before purchasing.  So far, this looks like a US-only service.

[Source – Engadget]

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