Amazon App Store Now Available Outside the U.S

• 19/09/2011

Finally, it seems the day has come when users outside of the US can actually use the Amazon App Store. That’s correct, we have reports flowing about the fact that Amazon’s much talked about app store has gone live outside of the US! This, in spite of the fact that Amazon is officially yet to notify users about this development. In fact, the Amazon website still shows that the App Store is available only in the US, when you access the site from any country outside of the US.

Until now, people who wished to download apps had to provide credentials of him being in the US, along with an email address. This restriction, It seems is no longer applicable for apps. What is still unclear is if these users outside the US are eligible for the lucrative “Free App a Day” offer, for which the store is famous for. The countries where the store seems to be working includes UK, Netherlands Australia and even India.

It is unclear if Amazon is doing this unannounced launch as part of a beta test before they release their Kindle Tablet sometime later this year. That device is thought to be an Android powered Tablet albeit running under heavy Amazon customization.

Anyway, if you’re too impatient and would like to check out the app store for yourselves, head here to download the app. Yes, there’s an App for that!


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