Acer launching Intel Oak Trail 10 inch Android Tablet in July

• 25/05/2011

Acer Intel android tablet

Intel told everyone a few weeks ago that the new Android Tablet devices to come out later this year would be sporting Intel silicon (Oak Trail) chips and hardware. Now we will see the first of these with the Acer 10 inch Android Tablet which will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb, due this May 31st. May 31st also happens to be the Computex show, which sets the stage for an Acer product launch quite well indeed.

This Tablet would give Acer another first in Google hardware as they were the first to launch an Android-based Tablet back in 2009. This Tablet would be the first to launch Intel rather than ARM hardware within. Cool.

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[Via – DigiTimes | Engadget]

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